Big Sean – Bounce Back YAK DANCE LIFE Havoc/Aliyah/Crabe/AStepBeyond/LesTwins/FingerCircus/TurfFeinz

Music „Bounce Back” by Big Sean
Official video

Thank you to all the dancers still messing with us in 2016!

Featuring Havoc Marche, Aliyah Ali, Bboy Lil Crabe, Les Twins (Laurent, Larry), Finger Circus (Nemesis, Pnut, Ctut, Strobe), Turf Feinz (Dreal, Tee Seven, Garion aka Noh Justice), A Step Beyond (Roya the DestRoya, Kokoro Modja Tbb, Freezer Beat, Alexander Diaz, Jesus Presinal)

A Step Beyond crew contact
Montreal Street Dance crew contact

This one was inspired by Big Sean’s „Bounce Back” surrealist video. We imagined what it would look like with no production budget, just going around town, hanging out with the dancers we know. We met up with Havoc in New York to build a central character showing the feeling of isolation in NYC in chasing that paper all day and night. Aliyah Ali also helped us add that dance hall flavor, we have a solo video coming up with her. Finger Circus were actually in NYC working on a commercial for the Magicians TV show on the SyFy channel They were staying at The William Vale hotel where we shot those indoor scenes. We also got to try out the DJI Mavic Pro at sunset, which was a bit daunting in high winds, but we got the shot! Bboy Lil Crabe came down from Montreal and met up with us to shoot a solo. It was super cold in that cemetery so we quickly went underground and met up with A Step Beyond street dance show crew completely by chance in the subway. We saw Les Twins in San Francisco for a dance workshop with Sandy Lee (City Dance), Laurent and Larry were there battling Lil Kida and hanging out with local fans. Finally, the Turf Feinz shots of Noh Justice (aka Gary aka NoNoize), Dreal, Mann and Tee Seven were from an earlier collaboration for the Oakland Museum of California.

Cameras used including mostly DJI Osmo X5, Osmo X3, Inspire 1, Phantom P4, Mavic Pro, Sony a7sii, DJI Ronin-M and random glass including Rokinon Cine lenses, Nikon, Canon. Hope your enjoy!

© YAK FILMS 2016